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4月11日 avexの創立記念日ということでスーパーユーロビートvol.1~ベストオブ2019収録曲までの中から独断と偏見で選曲してみました! そうだ、ユーロビートを聞こう! ☟Tracklist☟ Just A Game / Vanessa Gunfire / Mark Farina What Kind Of Cure / Lou Grant King And Queen / King u0026 Queen Heart Breaker (-B-Re-mix) / Mike Hammer Take A Look In My Heart (I.S.D Remix) / Jilly Nothing's Gonna Take My Love From You / Karen Rock 'N Roll Superstar / Mike Skanner Bye Bye Baby / Maio u0026 Co Domino Dancing / Domino Wanted / A-Beat Power Feat. Edo. Dave u0026 Domino Hot Love u0026 Emotion (Special Crazy Remix) / Virginelle Hey Hey / Vanessa Livin'In America / Vito Make Up Your Mind / Wain L. TNT / Derreck Simons New Love / Annalise Relight My Fire / Delta Force Shake Me Up (Saturday Mix) / Valentina u0026 Mirka Rock Rock City / DJ NRG Fly / Dave Rodgers feat.Jennifer Batten Love And Fire / Ann Sinclair Dancing / Vicky Vale Baby, Baby Run / Triumph Let The Music Play / Aleph Love Desire (MST Remix) / Macho Gang Rockydance (New Generation Remix) / Eurobeat Girls We Came For The Rock / Niko Everybody's Warming / Tension Dancing Everybody / Mega NRG Man Just Wanna Find You / Dave u0026 Domino Music / J.Storm Baby Gigolo' / Priscilla Freedom To Love Me / Powerful T. Pop Musik / Mike West Never Forget My Love / Norma Sheffield State Of The Nation / Dr.Love Baby I'm Your Lady / Go Go Girls Hey Mr.Dee Jay / Domino Work Your Body / Damon Never Gonna Give You Up / Kevin Johnson DJ Is Playing My Song / Eurofunk Kingo King'o Beat / Fastway Vodka / Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Love Me In The Heat Of The Night / Time Force Dancing To The Moon / Magika Rock On Fire / Mega NRG Man Secret Destination / Mari-san Super Eurobeat / Eurogrooves All Stars Hanky Panky / Bubbles On Your Wings / Rich Hard Loving Eurobeat / Dejo u0026 Bon Para Para Cannibal(Platinum Version) / Vicky Vale Nitrofire / Kaioh I Love You From My Soul / Mari Ring My Bells / J-Stark New Dirty Road / Ace Every Single Day, Every Single Night / Suzy Lazy Dance To The Carmen / Carmen Diva u0026 Boris Gold Night / Dave Rodgers Feat. Eurobeat Union Don't Say Goodbye / Kevin Johnson
自分なりのHISTORY of Super Eurobeat 【avex創立記念日SP Non-Stop Mix】自分なりのHISTORY of Super Eurobeat 【avex創立記念日SP Non-Stop Mix】自分なりのHISTORY of Super Eurobeat 【avex創立記念日SP Non-Stop Mix】自分なりのHISTORY of Super Eurobeat 【avex創立記念日SP Non-Stop Mix】
自分なりのHISTORY of Super Eurobeat 【avex創立記念日SP Non-Stop Mix】